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Our Vision

“We want to see the gospel proclaimed and the nations reached through the multiplication of disciples who know Christ and make Him known.”

Our Story

This Is the Gospel was written by Paul Gotthardt in an effort to effectively disciple people through a church plant in Las Vegas. When Life Baptist Church began in 2003, there was a great need to disciple new believers and established believers in the truths of the gospel while keeping the emphasis on relationship. Part of the challenge was discipling people in a city with a high transiency rate. How do you disciple someone if you only have 6-9 months before they move elsewhere? The answer to that challenge became This Is the Gospel.
This Is the Gospel does not attempt to address every topic of the Christian life. It emphasizes core truths that are foundational for three key relationships: our relationship with God, our relationship with the church, and our relationship with the world. There is a heavy emphasis on the gospel, the Word of God, prayer, abiding in Christ, making disciples, and engaging in God’s kingdom activity.
As thousands of disciples were trained and sent out of Las Vegas, other churches, ministries, and mission organizations asked to be trained in and have access to This Is the Gospel. Since that time, This Is the Gospel has been translated into dozens of languages, taught on six of seven continents, and used by thousands of pastors and churches around the world. In 2021, the primary headquarters for This Is the Gospel moved from Las Vegas, NV to Albany, GA as one of the ministries of Sherwood Baptist Church.

Our Why

What is the Gospel of Jesus Christ? How do you know if you’re really saved? What does it actually mean to be saved? There are so many questions that surround the salvation-based teachings of Jesus Christ. is dedicated to presenting a simple, biblically based view of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We’ve created this site for three reasons:

The Ultimate Goal

The ultimate goal of this site is not to get someone to say a sinner’s prayer, make an emotional decision, or check God off the to-do list; the ultimate goal of this site is for people to experience a reconciled relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Through a reconciled relationship, we want to encourage people to pursue Christ by loving God, uniting with believers, serving the world, and entrusting the Gospel. 
The result will be changed lives, restored families, blessed communities, and the expansion of God’s Kingdom.
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